It was somewhere in Panchthar, phaktep nepal. Phaktep is a certain village of it. It was downside of the river and to encounter such you have to travel many hours with foot to see it. For me i was traveling for fishing where i’m much fond of it . It was my 1st experience to travel such hills with footing but it was great to see such beauty among the depth of those valley. Precisely i was astonished with such places existence nevertheless with vulnerable people i was kinda sentimental how they are living.
However i was walking along side of the river and saw those beautiful little girls picking some flowers which can be also absorb and more than that i was happy watching them enjoying their part.So in return of my travel i showed this picture to my mother and she said ” it triggered her every bits of her memory she cherished with her sister she never wanted to be apart.” well time sure does walkaway in blinks of an eye.


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