Once lord buddha decided to travel for his peace of mind and so he thought some ways to test his companion along the walk and he summons his three companion to give him company and apprise to walk with barefoot. As told they were traveling without any aegis on their foot. They traveled far from their point, lord buddha idle himself and commanded his three companion to carry one stone with fair amount in their pocket. And While the group consist of one honest and two over smart pupil. One with the honesty carried one fair amount of stone and the other two over smart pupil carried small amount of stone each, to show their common sense or some what smartness in comparison. As they walk for a day, buddha again idle himself along the journey and told them ” Did you do what i said earlier to carry one fair amount of stone each” so they replied with positive outcome so he then command his companion to eat as per the equal size of stone. Well then it was certain that two pupil got less food than the honest one. Again lord buddha set his journey forth and command his companion again to carry one stone but in small amount in their pocket. As told, the honest one goes with the small quantity but the two pupil who failed before realized that they have got to eat less because of their foolishness, decided to carry one big stone each. So then they move from certain point and encounter one big lake along the journey. Then again buddha set himself to treat, querying his companion if they have done what he told before to carry small amount of stone. As before the pupil gave him positive outcome and lord buddha then command his companion to throw their stone in the lake and can carry the wealth as per the length they gained. As the result were obvious that the honest got the most of the wealth while the other two got less of it because of the failure by the bigger stone they carried. In the last pursue lord buddha command themselves to carry two equal size of the stone in their pocket as per the command, the honest one –


did what was told while the other two over smart pupil waste their thoughts and carried one big and one small as per past incident they suffered and not to happen again and to prevent it. Along the journey and end lord buddha now ask them the same question and result was with positive outcome again. Then he told them to wear the shoe as per the size of the stone they carried in their pocket.


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