Around the world in the unseen corner of unknown valley, there wails there it echoes in travesty in calamity far than the itself lives or maybe forever the eternity could make its justice. And I think these part is the curse part of me to think deeply because everything has two side even the gifts. To feel the pain to feel different to live outcast to stand alone.

And this must be the saddest thing to feel it vividly and to not able to illustrate the exact feelings in the understanding form. Well we should try. How absurd can be the faith, how unfair can be the life, how disturb can it be to accept, how foolish can we live. Because of us only we have made our life complicated and hard to survive. But what about the humans that are fragile, what about them who couldn’t understand the meaning of dissembled society and sucking system. There are also things that has better sides and positive part but i don’t think the humanity has lost just without a reason.

I’m a man, i’m a brother, i’m a son and i’m still yet to be the father therefore i am human who loves, who hates, who makes mistakes who doesn’t known everything and solicits to learn and yearns and accepts and regrets and guilt’s. But who we are to take someones life, happiness and to still able to think we are tenaciously right. Looking around the life and the surrounding i should be denying to be ignorant. To be born together, to grow up together, to be there for each and but at last not living together and dying separately, the life of the women and her tangled blood, leaving everything behind her family, her brother, sister, home and everything and living and giving up with new stranger of life and immolating for the rules that doesn’t even value the liberty of women race. But Such tradition which has undergone longer than any period of century that mind could capture where maybe 95 percent of people doesn’t even think of going against these kinda of thoughts because of the world it turned and followed by everyone. Well my thoughts doesn’t totally go against the marriage system but against the rules of tradition made my these society and the defilable system. Not so many years it has become since my thoughts couldn’t digest these ways. Yes i felt legal like the others since birth until i saw some part of the country and their society where women doesn’t even counted as human. In fact i really felt weird that we are following these society and we are the cause. Think one spirit who has born with no limit and owner of her own body gifted with every magic had to live under some stranger and their family like slaves following their rules, their culture, their habitats and their methods for living while giving up and sacrificing every gifts of nature and life she could have. Even they have their own dreams and ways of living . Is it so necessary for them to sacrifice such freedom and living under the bowl like fish with limited boundary. Abandoning her birth place and blood to fulfill someones dream while devouring own and worshiping someone, what kinda tradition is trailing on. Why can’t she make difference, why can’t she be worshiped, herself. Even after giving such major sacrifice to her living, some have to be treated like shits and force to think her existence doesn’t have consistent value, well for me i don’t think any of them women deserved and have to be treated like that. Accepting artificial relation over natural relation is certainly wicked thing that plays my mind first. Maybe what has been carried on if changed over these, it would probably make drastic difference and render some taste over generation but how about a change, how about surrendering other ways of not trading those miracles over man made rules and system. We are making our senses so dull, blurred . We are missing piece to restore humanity. Like men, women can also have that fun, that bliss, that souvenir, that freedom. ” Let them drift over oceans, let them breeze into the sky, let them feel every earth that sings their time”.

We are Magic, we are free and i hope i could the change these society even if i can’t change the tradition for them to live with unlimited dreams. We humans have every purpose and meaning for living. Lets not waste our these incredible senses to feel, to see, hear, to breath to make choices. Nature is the example of every living . These river has no boundary, these oceans depth have no limits. Seasons do not stay, neither they forget to repeat . Every living on the earth beside us humans knows their duty, their responsibility. They do not greed and look everywhere .. Nothing is beautiful than nature. Let’s grow from nature.


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