The happiness which should exist mostly every day in human life is rarely shaped in us and i think the ever happiness exist in our dreams our aims. From birth in out of misery ..out of our usual form we dream, we roar loudly in happiness to do something in future to live, to be free. We be fictionalized, we decide ahead of time, we dream. And at that time to fulfill and to live such dreams could be our ever happiness in our life ..we ever sought. But flowing with times, growing up and experiencing the phases of our life, Our fictionalized dreams becomes our only burden and difficult to pursue and for to make reason.. we point out to our childhoods silly statements. But keeping up with times and building a place for your dreams to live where the world judgments won’t be able to penetrate in any century and kill and force you to join there dissembled society and i think i understand now what the phrase ” child is the father of man” means. And beside all this who knows Maybe something like past life existed and we were something and we were dreaming for this life and saying ” You just wait and watch when i get that life i would make most of it and never regret coming back to this form. Just think. This life is ours. We decide how we want to live. It is meant for only certain period of time. So lets not waste, lets live it freely, lets be free, lets be wild, lets not guilt, lets not regret. Lets feel happy. Lets dream…..Image


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