Just you and me

Oh love forget about who we are and who we were
We are travelers now, lets travel far and far away
Rest your sceptical bones and cautious soul today
We will take everything this world has hidden and ever made..

Use your every equipment in your search requirement inside
Tell me your deepest secret where i’ll find myself locked up in your corners depth
Now did you heard the sound, in our mesh ..heavens laid
Sky is barely holding while the nature is going tempestuous in blissful shed..

Oh love we are the rolling stone, hold me tight,
Lets roll down again and again..
You and me love, lets be insane through sane
Forget about day and night ..madness will befell
Give me your best ..give me your secret taste
Lets not return ..lets get lost ..lets follow the dusk away..

‎Saturday, ‎March ‎29, ‎2014


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