I don’t think i have ever digested someone’s opinion being judgmental over age and silenced myself in complain. It really doesn’t matter or at least to me. How old or young is that person talking. If he/she is wrong, they should know they can’t win over age and silence us for having immature thoughts and judge them. Ewwwh Sorry but that doesn’t legalize upon me. Thoughts and ideas are never old or young. To justify truth anyone should be breaking war against in rendering who blinds reality and consciousness. Respect is another thing. I Bow to it. But being elders or old, that doesn’t make them always right and being young make us wrong.Thoughts are thoughts.They are never compared or should be measured in time period. There is already process proceeded called learning. Immaturity is our present stage. And thing is we are always right in stating our view and funny thing, we will never accept being wrong.


Date : May 9, 2014

Time : 09:40 Pm ( cloudy )


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