I know i should write, for not to mark my emotions on this page to remind myself such state again but i should ..to ease myself to break from this life taking reality. I keep on asking myself what is this .. where i am ..is this real..why can’t i take it as normal. Where the hell is my consciousness. I see but i don’t feel, i feel but i don’t understand, i hear but it doesn’t make sense. Where is my thoughts rendering. Why does my heart love to dwell on sadness. And Why the fck.. this time moving so fast. I really would love to give it a good tap to slow it down. Is it on drugs.Like Wtf! slow it down dude.Time your taking everything. And my notes are getting taller than me. I cant mark everyone who left. I can’t feel sad for losing every memory that made, every moment cherished when days go and when its always on its duty. I can’t keep on being such wrecked vulnerable guy. I love Being on high green hills. But I can’t keep my posture straight if it will keep on devouring my stand being gray.


Date : May 19, 2014

 Time : 10:48 ( clear )


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