Buried Memories we dig

‎Thursday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2013

There she was caught when the time could fail in race sometimes, only some knew
But it did same routine for others to run ticking dead in their walls so few
The atmosphere with cities layers and the heavy bones of mine,
Did not breach my desperate suspiciousness line
And as it were for the eye or the hair so touched again and again
The luscious smell of her of skin from ages, did revived my soul
While slowly inhaled in my veins now and then
I did my best as fate could permit another take for the view but in glimpse
Where I could have such to keep but only for hours
No, not longer than any part of digit in fading trees
Then I will have to venture another secret box for her face,
To recall in desolated house of abyss
Now confirmed in regrets while she rushed and I passed as stranger
She was the dearest and I the loveliest of her
Could be the victim of life ever, never thought these
As I unseen and she unfelt, followed our rules as someone’s lovers fees


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