I think we all want best for our self to have and while doing that, we might be missing something that could exactly fit and fill the void that we ever needed to run in this life while not being aware of it. What if we ever needed to complete this life is not in the best or in the perfect level just in somewhere less and it would be tragic for some. Thing is we all of us are in the same root following each of us and yet proclaiming to be different, if to be found. As we never ever have excepted our mistakes and wasted our time to pay for it. We humans are incredible if to be put in right direction but i think we misunderstood the route that we have to trail. Just best of that, best of these but what after it gets used to or gets old. Nothing stays the same or new. There is always consequences for our desire, equal in every piece. So why don’t we seek something less and satisfying and be happy. Happiness has forms and I think real bliss is something that give forever peace and that is where no greed and no wanting more solicits. Just being content in what we get and have would be nice to live.

Date : June 23, 2014

Time : 10:46 am ( cloudy )


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