‎Friday, ‎June ‎13, ‎2014

Indeed my thoughts could make me sometimes fool
But doesn’t matter it was the biggest mystery to undo
So, bitch life planted itself to go through
When I found today was the bread for tomorrow’s clue
But what makes these victims to be there to get over
Every bones were attached with one or another
Every skin had crawled upon and friction near
Every heart made oat to live together, forever
So what happens if we are so far away,
To the moments we always craved
To the people we made love and stayed
To the time we made most of us and cared
To wish things to repeat and doing it in cool way
While realizing it was bold then
So to miss every little thing now and fail
To lay on the bed and watch the childhood flash go again
To welcome our existence to end
And to wait and stare while periods dust into thin air


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