‎Friday, ‎October ‎10, ‎2014
Look at my eyes, no don’t you look away from me
Tell me what do you see, is it the blood you left me to deal with
I want you to see the demon fighting its own reality
No I am not hiding, I’m not the fool; the victim of emotional tool
Not a shame to hide this tragedy, no not so weak to hide my agony,
Fearing for any vulnerability being caught with the devil in a form of saint
Cause everybody is playing the role deceptive but I offer to be stabbed openly
Here I’ll breed in this pain, I’ll thrive in this travesty
If it’s gonna take time to heal my bashed cracked knee in to stand
I will fight crawling crippled in concrete sand but I will rise kind,
So to abandon this cheap feelings of innocence where in crime
Never let another childish act to be my death in the pit of love, mine
Where I am cursed to follow the trail of lover, who suffers eternity time!


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