Yesterday rain had drowned me, tomorrows thunder i am waiting..yet i am going..yet i am following i don’t know where. I am not sure if the train i have caught stills run..maybe i don’t care. The home has lost my name for me to return. Every call is dead. I am stuck here alone nowhere between the dusk and dawn. My house is burning, burning from the sun i have bet for the happiness that has long gone. And this day is ending just the same with all the pictures that has lost all the answers for me to compromise with  the silence. Yet there faces haunts my faith along. I am at my best trying to keep up from capitulating to lose myself to the hold, mulish to the begin. A faithless warrior to the love. Killing the illusions, conquering the death perpetually enough. The war should end, can’t compensate another fraction. Where have i come, What have i become.. My simple wish was to love and be loved without the hurt. Where have you gone. Time is bleeding..future has suspended in the answers so long..i have lost my questions again. Come on..let me go my friend ..i will run. I will save at least some with what is leaving. I need to keep up with the present or the memory will waste. I am lost.. in the emptiness so hollow i can’t sense. Let me go now.. Let me live again.

Date : January 12, 2015

Time : 01:00 am ( clear )


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