Last Picture Of Famous Dharara Standing.


I woke up to the nightmare, there was nothing called conscious that would differentiate my mind if it was the real reality or the dream that i could only wish to end. It was just the matter of second, the beauty of life struggling with little happiness swiped away. Everything went so fast, so vigorously, there was nothing to do beside feeling helpless and weak. I could never imagine such moment can be faced by human in history. But i still have no idea if i unseen those chaos and disaster around me that if it was just the movie we pretended to be in or something else. In a moment people were going on with their usual regular life. People enjoying their holidays. Some going picnics, some cinemas, some spending family times and some having their times with lovers. It was just another simple today with simple thoughts to carry on with human life. But the shock that came to break us apart from our usual period was beyond agony and fear.

The earthquake rampaged our homes and cities without mercy. People were rushing like if it was a race but indeed it was a race for the survival or survival for the fittest. Old people and unable were left out in those wrecks or the piles. Children were screaming and crying. Places were washed down by bloods and tears. Buildings were falling like a toys. Homes were destroyed like it was made out of sand. Smashed to the ground. Running and hiding. killed and broken. Misery and sorrow, only known emotion with the fears seen on their face. Death curled up like it was a war. The war that came with the invisible and invincible enemy that raided us with no warnings. The land that slept for decades, woke up with peoples screaming and it didn’t stop. Destruction covered with dust rose to the sky. The sound that played only of the doom. Echoing and shattering between hearts. Birds swirled up to the sky, abandoning their ground. Ground that has no longer its figure of its birth. I hear names of the people shouting again and again with no return of the answer. And the only question remained for us to repeat was. Am i live? Will i die? Will it Stop? Whats happening!

Aftermath, Nepal was no longer the country that was once called the richest and beautiful place with historical sites and history. Temples that reminded us our religion was no longer standing but perished away. There is nothing left for historical place for the history. The buildings and places that was passed down by our ancestors were turned to stones and woods covered in dust in the ground. The famous places that marked our history now can not be found and has changed its shape. This earthquake has now once again shook up us all. There is no family. There is no home. There is no happiness that once lullabied. There is no comfort in the cold. There is only fear, sadness and anger. Well their is news that only plays our destructions over the world. And the government that takes no responsibility for people loss. And their is no prevention for the suffering rising from this chaos. But let me tell you: Homeless people turning savage and thief. People are dying from disease, hunger and thirst. And the suffering that has no limit. The pain is only increasing in those wounds and deep inside the heart.
And what more amazes me is that, some people still hasn’t forget their wickedness and their selfishness in this chaos. People are looting the helpless in the advantage of this destruction. Many people are dying from hunger but some people are busy making the price of the food higher and cheating the locals. Where is the fucking humanity. What of those people who can’t buy, who have lost everything. Why such greed in this chaos. It makes me insane. But the main suffering is not only from this natural disaster but our government.

Our government is busy showing off to world how helpful they are providing the country. But instead they are busy loading their pockets and mouths with shits rather than distributing help. Locals and casualties are still waiting for the help and relief from the government. Only 20 % in destructive area has been distributed of relief but with less and slow pace by the government. Many places that suffered huge loss has not even been focused. But rather than our government our country has been receiving lots of help and donation from all over the world and its such a wonderful and heartwarming to see people volunteering and helping us. We are very thankful for everyone’s help in this chaos. Hope this government be a great help rather than being help to their self and donate the donation which are provide by the countries for the relief. Not their pockets. The suffering is continued..


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