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Empty gas cylinders as seen lined up for its turn while months it has been but still no information for the supply. Pokhara, Nepal.

I am not much of a patriotic person. To be precise, I am antipathetic towards any politics  or government. Must likely, you can call me antisocial being. But whats really happening here in our country is literally killing all my tolerance to stand back and watch it happen.

If I have to name our government I would have to think of worse than any street dogs, but hey, dogs have proven themselves much loyal than human. And It’s obvious, most countries government sucks as ours but at least not treacherous and duplicitous as the ones leading our country. This country is not getting any better rather in some years, Nepal will be existing only in history. While our government is too busy filling their pockets and selling our regions to India. (Its no secret). We will be facing the outcomes and the foolishness of our political leaders. Much worse than we are going through.

Yes, our government has come to meet up and fake constitution while the citizens of our country suffers huge living. Still the greed and the lust for power hasn’t come to an end. They are busy appointing who will devour how much and how are they gonna divide these lands. While the country is encountering the huge change or perhaps lack of possibility for the living.

No gas, no fuel, no medicine, no supplies of goods etc..etc..etc. But that is not all.. they have become more generous to give us “load shedding”.  Plenty of it. What more do you expect from the fellow leaders. While their house and their surroundings sparkle like stars, if one has fell in their balcony. The nicest or the dumbest would you call to us knowing, no matter what chaos you throws to Nepalese people, we just gonna swallow that shit and  pretend we’re cool. And why not, the leaders have survived this long eating us all up. They sure knows how to manipulate us with their propaganda. Well ya. It’s why they are the leaders and we the servants, who takes everything and gives nothing back.

What about the blockage of India?  The chaos and the adversity due to it.
The government has succeed in pulling the strings, dissimulating the citizens as playing the savior role. While many of us hasn’t even clue that everything is deception. No one’s saving no one. Our government has lied us again that they are against the India and trying everything to pull us from this catastrophe? Well so much for the effort. Its all politics. They are in the verge of selling our homeland. Our leaders or the Indians. Both are the cause of this crisis and disaster. Everything is planned up. But hey, lets do nothing cause we are the cool Nepalese people that runs only gossips and drama. Aren’t we! Why should all blame go to those vultures. We are the one to choose them. We are the one’s doing nothing as if someone has bind our hands and taped our mouth.

Beside, in to the conclusion, I don’t think any of these crisis occurring around the world  is coincidence. But don’t worry, we are too busy living our own lives; the fashion, the trend, showoff, jealousy, money, class, indifference, society, hatred, violence. Oh yes, we are doing great as humans!


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