Not much of a cook either but surely I can give some of my ways how to cook some oil fat meat; pork!

Everybody has their own recipe or style to cook and better than most of us. But what really counts is it edible? And the fun part is I don’t really care or never cared. As long as it is spicy and not oilier, my tummy smiles.
But that only counts if I am cooking for myself only. If I am not, I am very much careful with my cooking. Whatsoever! I am not a pro ..bruh!

I am not a vegetarian guy but I would love to turn one in coming years while running for salads and fruits. But today is not the day. So most of the time I am busy in doing my own sorts of experiment with the food which i am thankful that i have not yet suffered from food poisoning. God bless! Because  whether exploring things, places or food. I am the type of guy who is filled with such desperation. You gotta try everything until you can do.

When you’r cooking pork red meat, you know its going to be much oilier because it already contains much fat from the start and still have to begin with the oil if you frying it. Well some of us boil first and then fry it. “I am talking about the usual dish.”  but here is the trick. Don’t eat pork! Eat chicken. Lol! Just kidding, you don’t have to use oil. We can also cook it without the oil. Because the pork that contains fat can be cooked in its own fat. Without using any oil from the start. But we should be careful with the temperature. We just have to fry the pan and put directly meat raw or boiled but I suggest you to boil it first. It will be easier. Then the pork can be served less oilier. And great with the taste. But the thing is… It depends on the meat. Here in Nepal, buying pork meat without its fat skin cannot be obtained. Unless you bought in groceries or mall. So make sure your pork meat contains fat if your doing same as me. Thank you!


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