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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Don’t wait for a dead tree to bloom
Its not like the roses that could make you happy
Why, in the rivers would you swim
It isn’t the sea that could let you deep

Would you rather wait for a free bird to come home
But its not the season that knows its responsibility
It will leave you and finds its calling

You’re in the stairs, did you found meaning
We were in the debate while the peasants mourning
No one knew who unlocked the door
But we all saw, both leaving

It was an irony to lay between the secrets of a pair
We can kill ourselves and blame at the same
Yet love was the station we waited

We cursed our shoulders that yearned the warmth
Warmth from the bodies that slept when suspended
Heavy was not the rage but the sempiternal ego
Both ears would listen but not if the heart wont

Dreaming in the same pillow wouldn’t be same
When different blanket were used
Liars and fabulist had to complain
As if the closure had them


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