‎Sunday, ‎December ‎27, ‎2015

Had a talk with myself today, everyday
Played with some numbers, I was too late
I had a thing to take care of, I was frustrated
But life has just began, its what they say
Shall I pretend to be old or just a friend
I can only be young with this dream
The beautiful green, in speed of train
Where will you go, I don’t have any place
I can’t get off nor I can stay

Can I be afraid of growing old and go home
If I kill this man and a child shows
Will he be caged as a murderer or more so
But unlike everyone, I don’t want your opulence
I just want those six to never fade
Only with memories, I will not carry on
Let me live with them in my own bed
I have tendency of seeing them around
Can you figure it now who’s dead?


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