2015-11-21 09.14.23 1.jpg

If I don’t like it all, I don’t wanna stay
If I’m misunderstood, no I wont renegotiate
So scared of being broken and betrayed
Oh, he doesn’t ruminate his faults
But a man’s mistake can be his bigger punishment
If he will not suffer with his own deeds
But he will by the woman who he sleeps

You can give him everything to make him stay
And he will write you his 14 lines sonnets
But what troubles to a writer is imminent drear
What’s in his thoughts can not be in his pen
That a trust of a lover is not to be remained

If a man is what is he by what he loves
What can he be if what he hates
Like a teenage thoughts with her skirts
Or an old man’s worry for his repulsive age
But neither can be wronged, I can say


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