Friday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2016

Which warmth did I lost now
Never seems to figure out, enough to sleep
What touch have I misled
My heart forfeited every mistress keep

Oh god! What do you please
My everything, stolen for a drifting ship
Shall it to be the loss, my innocent the nineteen
A stack of wise age shall be safe in it

Thus, time to time I get stared
Such a sweet pain from her eyes
I miss them seeing now both, grow
Its the days that I can lack, years from now, oh!

Was I, was it the rest and she the only
Did I gave my all and my love
If its not, take your step to the strange bed
And all that is left is me, somewhere cold

You’re paralyzed, you’re alone
Can only be heard from a frozen mind
Look at your feet, back and forth
Running now into the sea, drowning bold

Goodbye is all what they speak
My life, My days and she or me
Let it be, let her be..
Go to sleep..


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