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Monday, March 14, 2016

Can you hold onto three, things you could miss
My belief or the others bet and one that comes free

There’s an idea that will exist but if it only sells
You can think for the other ways or you can be just like me

Be judgemental and throw them your arrogant fist
If what I’m sincere at, it’s what you have never been

How much knowledge can be compared against your society?
That runs your prostituting mouth, what’s always seen?

Come on, run around me and be
Instead of the colorful dirt, you can take off and speak

Oh I know, I can be your enemy
Little knowledge to be bold and you have your duty?

It shines on top of my tongue and in the edge of my lips
About your immaturity, running for stars but chasing a fancy candy

You’re nothing, if you have your mind
Cause you have been using others passport for living

My hate for every kind like you has always grown
Like the sharpness of a knife, I put for meeting


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