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Friday, January 01, 2016

I was only selfish
To keep you mine
So desperate but not blind
My love, only mine

Possessive if I may be called
To not let the world see your kind
I may be the criminal for your life
As I only wanted your life to be mine

So greedy was the world and time
I was afraid and that’s my crime
They could steal and keep you
And I had to hide and strict you

But there I went wrong and right
So suspicious and murderous, I stood
I strangled you tight
Not to lose you and your sight

But I knew I was wrong
And I am sorry and you are gone
My selfishness may have ruined you
But it was only my love for you

Now look at the brighter side as you always said
And I the darker side as I always claimed
Let you be filled with what you deserve
Your happiness, my resolve

My love, mine
Your love, not mine
Goodbye to that time
Goodbye to your time.


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