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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What will you count after twenty years
If you’re not the man to include the friends
What can be lost and be hated
Or loved, maybe love can remain?
If you’re the man with a home again

If I talk about today and not tomorrow
Will you now understand me or you can try
I will repeat my words and then I can wait
People can climb towers and I can search you in maze
Often and perhaps unimpressed

My heart wears different emotions one at a time
In the weather of crowded perceive
Each one never seen but the secrets can be leaked
From a mothers garment of wooden tree
Black silhouette, now all revealed differently; mistakenly

Bunch of lonely people and who was I
I have been left with emptiness but clear of the past
Something will always be missing and that was it
To discern was the sagacious path of yours
If it wasn’t the awry review from the start

Its up to date, the numbers of delay
I’m against the mirror, doesn’t recognize
This seems familiar, these stories of the morning
This town where these homes pretends to be friend
I am feeling weird and doesn’t know anything
This emptiness is blinded and yet its safe
What will you choose and what can be your days.


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