Sunday, October 22, 2015

Can you stand alone with your dreams
Can you believe in the dancing mirror
Someone must have been there
Something is already lost

I can hear the footsteps, it’s so close
But it never reaches me and just gone
And the laughter of the city
And its never enough

Sometimes I wander and wonder around all
The lonely bodies of famous wall
Can keep me away and make me fall
And I fall and they all fall

The crowd of past in pieces of me
Are moving on with the whisper
That now, never touches me nor will
Sometimes I search them and sometimes I do miss

I tell him everyday and yell at his feelings
Of going back from what he will be
And he says, don’t remember me
Don’t make me a killer, don’t find me

It’s so frustrating to know all of this
And executing moments of memories
I want to leave the people that leaves me
If I could ever escape this stealing city

Whom I will be, I can be the lost
The disappearance of a man and a love
And I will never hear your call
If you be the part of me, of my tall


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