Can you love a man, just like me
Inside, thirteen thousand foot the burning vale
Outside, the friend or numerous face
Take it and name it in your own sense

Somewhere sold and somewhere replaced
Sometimes fooled and sometimes a hate
Too perplexed to be ancient or archaic
You made me young and its not right

Salty air, the dusty layer
Stung my body, hangs on my skin
Leaking memories beneath my chin
Oh, why we love, we must be home
But I’m not and I am alone

Let’s see if I can try this
To run with the solitary time
I must forget and be forgotten
And the love is sweet and it has compulsion
But it’s dead and I’m on the run

Be the man or the child
Before you and before all of the them
If it becomes the love again and disappears the hate
I will return home and I will never be here


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