Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Everyone remembered the flowers
But I wanted to see the leaves
I wanted to know how they feel
To be apart, to woe

Swing me by your side
Mocking petals of daughters tree
Do you smoke colors?
Lusty bones, hallucinate me

In a lonely house, youths die
Only few child survived
But little sarcodes died by the snow
None but the women who cared knows

The delusional fumes choked
By the river bed in gold
As silver tears brimmed
From the beauty inscrutable old

How may I ease your pain
Let me be shared with your grief
The resonance of the weep be heard
What grieves your mother’s heart

Take it to the somber hills
Obscure it with a throw
And you may not remember but miss it
They will grow in somewhere alone


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