Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arrogant child, running wild?
Is it the forest while you’re alive
You may found dead at night, lost at earthly life
And for the chaos and the broken heart
Carry them inside and induratize

Lonely boy, murdering time?
Is it the moments of sober, those cerulean eyes
You may already miss them and be paralyzed
Take off your heavy shoes and leave their city
It’s a tragedy and you need to survive

Who loves you, who loved you and why
You have nothing but pain tonight
Bred the valley of fabricated lies
You don’t want to be caught by a liar
From now you’re a deaf from the heart and mind

Don’t hesitate, don’t cry
All were dead and all were there
You’re a heartless man and you are here
Someone will be found and then you can escape
Beyond time and yonder blue sky


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