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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Don’t leave this man alone
Terrors of destruction marches this man’s hill
And he is all by himself waiting

Said, he would do fine without any
But his death awaits his yelling
And can you let him be?

Did he not gave you what you wanted
Why your hate weighs your memory with him
He says you’re all the same that kills him

He doesn’t understand, how selfish you people are
Roses for roses and dead for dead
And for your hell, he should live in?

How abrupt your heart tastes then
You insult the same man, once you adored
Then you compare him with your foes

Then what shall be the worth of loving
If nothing can be remained but hate
If not hate but the leave?

Then he should blame you for this hurt
For every tragedy that shredded him
For trusting and for loving


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