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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where shall I find you If I no longer be needed in your heart
Where shall I be after the abandonment reaches my seek
But if no women’s heart resides my love essence but treachery
This is all of me in these parts of tragedy

It’s the part of getting used to, the weight of memory
And if you stand alone with your dreams, I am weak
But if what you adore must admire you for living
Have you all now have betrayed me?

Life itself is all in these unfamiliar strings, attached
Waiting to be chained and some to be removed
If someone like me strives after detachment
Someone will find everything new

But my life should also proceed if for you it has already
Come, lets invite the eminent sadness or reverse
I, once your lover don’t exist and you, my everything don’t live
Then the place we met, didn’t hold and the moments are now perished


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