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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scarlet lips that touched your grips
Shall no more mourn for you
Will not kiss you anymore
What if you miss!

Nebulous breathe, crimson whiff
Come captivate me, please
It’s not wrong to held such relish
That tore your vital ideal

The dark meandrous stole my soul
My sense here for existence, do not please
So taste me if that may restrain me
My stranger, be with me

Up above the hills and down the streams
Again and everywhere, you must be drifting
Have I not wandered with you to be who we must be
If we not succeed, then those shores must vary

It’s these feet that do not move
And my bones that doesn’t leak any dreams
My skins can only yearn but do nothing
I can’t follow you, its not I didn’t tried
It is what I do, if I may wish


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