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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who am I, who am I?
Love full of lies
Like the foreign hands
Who keeps you awake
Tell me, can you love your strange man
Will you keep his heart alive
To you and to mine

Do you know me, do you know him?
If I didn’t know you, if I didn’t care
Like the modern city
That leaves you at tonight
Tell me, can you perceive this man
Will you tell him who is he
Or who is not but of your mind
To me and to time

The dawn seems breaking
And the years still missing
Yet I’m plucking secrets
From the twilight of sobre lights
But the stranger keeps his noon
For you and for mine

Oh, your such a sly person
You fool me and the nighttime
Please be fair like the literature
Not like the hidden songs
You dance with crime
But you hide intruders so well
And I keep asking who am I


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