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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It’s a shame that it hurts so much
It’s a shame that I can’t forget
Faults they do not say their owners name
Neither they take any blame
One must suffer and be the victim
And another must runaway from being accused

I needed a repair but I guess you’ll only destroy me
Is it gonna be my vices or my treachery
Both knocks on the door and you think it was me
How about your loyalty that you sold for your loneliness
While you preached about your love and blinded me
So much for the affection you showed but you belong to him

But maybe I can hate you and be free
From all your lies and your assertion
So forgive me if you earn my bitterness
Cause I can’t swallow this fire, that’s searing me
Maybe it’s better to burn you off and leave
Before it consumes my truth and ashes me


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