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The sadness have spreaded like the blanket of poisons in the sea
It was killing all; underneath my shelter, one by one and I couldn’t stop
They died, but it was me, pouring down the hell straight to their sleep
How can I tell the ones who questions me, who murdered through affinity
But would they believe? Beside my rage and my different sides of pride
I am sad, I am haunted by their sorrow, their longings to me

Here I am claimed by the greed; A selfish bliss
And yet with every guilt of not forgiving and deserting a roof
Squashed, lurched and stopped, repeated sound of terror but later forgot
What can I do about this heart or what is this called from what I feel
I want to lie! Oh lying seems comfortable, I always felt good inside
But can I keep it, can I even do that, have I ever succeeded..ever?

Wisdom, my wisdom have I ever gained you
But my knowledge seems stupid in against my choices; Love
Isn’t it called foolish, to talk with your sorrow to be wise
But I guess I was dumb to learn this ruse to write
That! People I love can still hit a dart into me, my transparency
And make me bleed through the night of dishonest and shivering.


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