2016-07-03 11.23.37 2.jpg

Saturday, 25 June, 2016

Is this an empty train or friendly river
Its keeps going on and on, carrying my emptiness
Blunder or blind, my apathy or my arrogance
Should I be afraid of destination or impending flood with hurricane
When I reach, its either my detonating age but what if I stop
So lonely when I will be seeing around, around my depot

No longer dreams of you will ever haunt
Cause it’s not there, its not there; Me to remember
People becomes dust and home will get lost
You and I are for the memories, we shall not forget
Trees can be me and wind can be you
You can wander and leave, I shall stay and be

I have a tale but let me hear your traverse
So maybe, this is like one big and unending story
Tragic or predestined, you can never modify or edit
Where have I walked, My feet hurts like their dreams
Its not easy to be a wanderer or stay like pictures out of me


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