Friday, ‎October ‎10, ‎2014

I’m so sorry for your loneliness
Forgive me if I made you love maudlin shadows
But you can teach them, like how you can grow old
If not then there is heart that can bleed and refluent repair
And damage can be wounds and wounds can be scars and scars may heal

Love will fade eventually if its time, like the sun and its light
Would you be sad if the night re-appears or darkness come unasked
No! you’ll learn to embrace those irony of living and live
Or you can question life like me, till you hit you your head against the mocking walls
But you’re no fool like me, like me you don’t raise demons underneath,
Who laughs with you in your own jokes then pity in sips

But its life and it’s bitter sometimes like mistakes
And immature heart has ways to make you happy
So, If it becomes something like sagacious, a sentient being
Like till seventy or earlier, you come to punish me
Then we can talk about love, lovers and about loving
And I be good as death and certainly death has not heard about lying.


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