Have you ever seen a leech that big as huge as pig but a dirty one and knows all the tricks to manipulate things? As the time grew older and much faster.. that leech became fatter and fatter everyday but the surroundings didn’t care because indeed, that leech had every ruse to even control and keep things at bay but maybe the time was also being more generous to that leech and it made much easier to suck things when certainly that leech took its advantage – And let me tell you about the time here.. The place outside was much more ahead and more mature but in here, the time was just spacing out of stone age and not really great things existed or was happening like development, unity, or self progress and it was obvious that leech to become more clever but so because everyone here was dumb and there goes another plus point. So the leech become more powerful and potentate, potentate as in potential of wielding its wicked mind to powerless and clueless but but wait, if you have to compare to foreign leechers in sucking things and taking control or manipulating etc it would had brought such a shame and disgrace that it would even not make sense to other foreign leech or foreign livers (living), thinking that how can such illiterate and dumbfuck leech could exist to suck things so dry to a place, it should not even suck a di.. with that nonsense where even I wonder how that leech is still continuing because where that leech stands and do things so called leading more like sucking… its funny that even kids would do fine or to even greater degree with its knowledge than the leech that controls our country now because even kids nowadays are more educated, sophisticated and more patriotic to its homeland to lead a country because what they don’t have is selfishness and greed in the name of saving once birthland but nowadays the leech we get to lead our country out of stone age and poverty is nothing more than a fat dirty pig so old which has only sucking teeth and a donkey’s mind..oh not donkey..donkeys are great, they are loyal, you can think of some dumbest animal or worst but right now let them be called (Pakhe). Pakhe who steals food from poor and steals a hard earned money from a laborer and rides million dollars cars instead of donkeys, it really unfits you sir! You should go back to the farming and ride buffaloes. Well maybe just maybe that’s how you can repay us after that much a sucking..

Well it’s not the only leech that stands at the top with shitty brain and blabbers its nonsense to the people and gives almighty whatsoever superior kinda thing while having a character of lower than any leech itself but it’s rather us.. We are great at criticism, we are amazing at being judgemental, we are indeed superb at showing our achievement but what achievement is it really, is  it by criticizing your surroundings with your perceptions or is it by dominating your human fellow with selfishness or any other that makes sense to you at the moment that you think you’re right and nobody else, you fucking teacher! Or is it by showing your high class living with your wealth or more like your parents wealth to a lower class that has nothing to do with your self esteem, or is it to your society that you’ve got a degree of a college to show which you no longer hold its knowledge but more of a paper with the stamp that it says you’re something more greater than the rest of us who didn’t have that flashy official proof which sets competition among another living that brings jealousy, hatred, prejudice, mistrust, selfishness which eradicates humanity, kindness, love, compassion, care and only creates wickedness for another being and that is your achievement? So while you brag about your achievement, what have you done for your country, as with that much of a achievement you must be able to stand up and protest against such lousy government with your flashy degree or your so called knowledge. Why are you so busy there commenting and complaining about others achievement on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook or any social sites that if it really suits you or go along with your eyes, your taste or your softy softy brain; that if it really deserves your praise? you think so? You’re only good at critics, i see that..how about criticizing your government that steals your labor and sucks you so dry that you have been busy earning another penny for an hour of shredding your skin for another person’s goal.

Your achievement, your criticism, your disparity, your perception is only good for society that breeds another you. While we busy ourselves with fashion, what to wear and what’s new to the store..that leech will tear another wear of our land and the trend that we are so busy caught along with like Iphone or my phone 6s , 7slash or games like clash of clan, pokemon go or mo or mini pilitia or militia, pig like that will eventually end up destroying our country or probably will sell to the neighboring country which they already did like selling half of our land to the India, have you ever been known that how much India have pushed their boarders and already claimed lumbini- the birth land of Gautam buddha theirs and so much for replicating the same place in their side or about karnali which has said to be already sold to them. There are numerous of these treachery by our government and more deluding in the name of growth but yes there is nothing to be told and nothing to be done here, because the old men here lack youth and energy to stand for but has more greed so even if they stand, it will be just the same but the youth that has energy and skill to change the outcome and the shape of our country into new era with more promising future shall never stand because he/she is too young to spend his/her mind in throne games, rather  he/she shall spend their youth in another country working for another government because there is money and good life which equals to their wasted time which our country may never provide with and never will and you may know why! And also because our society is too busy with their conservative ways like traditions, culture, discrimination, rituals and certain belief like untouchability, caste disparity and many more, like really more that the foreigners would say, your kidding right? Right!


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