Understanding, relation;
Don’t try to find reason in somebody’s love
Love is exception and it comes without any greed
If it easy to get hurt and to break someone
Then you might be holding impetuous tongue before sleep
To murder your lover, to bury his dreams
But what if its the other thing that we mix to glorify our burn
Like sheering perception, improvised ego and adamant pride
And not love, not love

Blame, after betray;
I heard you wrote my name in unaccounted shell
And threw it in depths of paralyzed ocean with dwelling hands
To avoid your own self afflicting protest inside that says its emptiness
You forgot that the shores has it own echo but you carried both
And you had to run with bare feet alone to evade such catastrophe of understanding
It’s not healthy to admit what destroys you, there are lot of things that kills you without any
And it’s all because of love, its love

And to both, the pieces in love;
He comes anywhere, anytime near your longing, he sinks in with a smile where you’re living
You flushed them repeatedly by the rain in your tortured eyes in the lands that you fled and left
But the process of living doesn’t get you far, it kinda bores you with frustrating feelings
It’s obvious that it haunts what you love after leaving but what if you find reasons?
Reasons to say, its not your fault, its not your betray but his
And to see another and not to have any guilt..

Is it how it supposed to be the cycle of love and loving
Love changes after lover and lover changes after love
So… love after love?


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