Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What if a man is not a man before he sweats from his chin
What if his earnings can only be earned and kept by his struggles
And not by his dream or by his wish, only by his service
Oh I think, he have done his best, now he must rest or perhaps sleep
He must be awake before the desperate dawn and keep on digging his teeth
But his efforts and his labour are now counted in everyone’s greed
But its the need that keep us all on our feet and you think these limbs run by itself like the tongue you leak

He has done for you, he had done for us all
Don’t you think what must be done for his own and not others
Because life is one bowl, a porcelain made with delicate things; its pretty outside
But we all know, it must break one time, don’t dare like it won’t as it starts from inside,
Fill it with what you can, feed from only your dear land

Oh! wait, there is a risk of brimming out of hand
A piece is good and its for you, what have you thought? Why must you seek more than what you deserve
Be like a man, but dont be his heart.. it’s absurd
You know, he is rich for his duty but not for his desire and what he dreams.


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