Through Music :

As indispensable is breathing for me; music has been my ever need to evoke my emotions, “I carry it like a torch into the darkness”.. <— aaaand.. this line went a bit cheesy but that is that. It is certain that without music, maybe there won’t be any writings for me..because it really makes me go in to that mood, you know, into that field of ecstasy where magic happens, not really but well think in philosophical way. And I do want to say.. it motivates me, an inspiration but these two words doesn’t really fit with me, let’s say… It triggers my emptiness and well, emptiness has a lot to offer…

So for a person who is as picky as me and has the definite taste for very long period and goes as repeatedly as years won’t go forward, we need a huge set of track on our playlist, and these are chosen very carefully..

Let me share my list to you, and well I don’t give a fuck about others opinion (negative) but a suggestion is always welcomed. 🙂
P.F.S. I prefer mostly Indie though*

Sakura | Ikimono-gakari Live Japanese Lyrics


William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn – I don’t feel it anymore (song of the sparrow)

For You Now – Bruno Merz

William Fitzsimmons – So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter)

Into the Air [Lyrics] – Bruno Merz

Sam Bruno – Search Party

Daughter – “Candles”

Daughter – “Run”

Daughter – “Still”

Daughters – Landfill

Kodaline – All I Want

Paper Aeroplanes – Winter Never Comes (Album Version w/ Guitar Tab)

Paper Aeroplanes – Ribbons

Paper Aeroplanes – Multiple Love

Paper Aeroplanes – Same Mistakes

The Narrative – Eyes Closed

The Narrative – Waiting Room

The Narrative – Don’t Want To Fall


William Fitzsimmons – Beautiful Girl [Official Music Video]


Robert Pattinson – “Let Me Sign” (w/Lyrics in “more info”)

Robert Pattinson Never Think OFFICIAL lyrics

The Honey Trees – To Be With You (Official Video)

The Honey Trees – Love and Loss

The Honey Trees – Orchard

Daughter – Medicine

Message To Bears – Mountains

Message to Bears – At A Glance

James Vincent McMorrow – If I had a Boat

James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat

James Vincent McMorrow – Wicked Game

The Paper Kites – Too Late

The Paper Kites – Paint

The Paper Kites – Electric Indigo (Official Music Video)

The Paper Kites – Neon Crimson

Matt Corby – Brother [Stripped Back Version]

Matt Corby – ‘RUNAWAY’ (London Secret Garden – 19.09.2012)

Aquilo – Silhouette

Zella Day – No Sleep to Dream (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Zella Day – Compass (Audio Only)

Zella Day – East of Eden (Audio Only)

Zella Day – Sweet Ophelia (Official Video)

Zella Day – Hypnotic (Official Video)

Made in Heights | “Pirouette”

Made In Heights – Slow Burn

All the Places-Made In Heights

MADE IN HEIGHTS – Forgiveness

Remembering Sunday – All Time Low (with lyrics)

All Time Low – Therapy (with lyrics)

All Time Low- Lullabies

ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra) – Lyric Video

ODESZA – It’s Only (feat. Zyra)

AnoHana ED – secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (Piano Transcription)

Angel Beats Girls Dead Monster – My Song (Iwasawa)

Spirited Away OST One Summers Day

Spirited Away Soundtrack – It’s Hard Work (Shigoto wa Tsuraize)

The Wind Forest (My Neighbor Totoro)

The Cat Returns – Kaze ni Naru

My Neighbor Totoro – Path of the wind

Spirited Away OST – The Name of Life

Summer Wars OST – 13 – Letter

DVBBS X Delora Gold Skies Live Acoustic

Amanda Seyfried – Little House

Heartbeats – José González

Little May – Boardwalks (Official Video)

Little May – Hide (Official Video)

Drifting – ON AN ON

Jake Etheridge – Summer Storms

Crawl – Ben Willis

Stereopony – Hitohira No Hanabira LIVE

电影《第三种爱情》主题曲 – Angel Eyes

Yui I Remember You


Yui – Good-bye days Live 2007

Yui – Namidairo Live

Radiohead – High & Dry

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

Yaël Naïm – Toxic

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

Ben Howard – Promise

Erik Jonasson – Like a Funeral

Nina Nesbitt – The Hardest Part

The White Stripes-Jolene (Cover)

Toe – Goodbye / グッドバイ (CUT_DVD with Toki Asako)

Ray Lamontagne – Jolene

Ray LaMontagne – Empty (lyrics)


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