Thursday, March 31, 2016

I have been lonely before and why would I be transfixed this time
The repatriation from her, is bit of modesty for me where I laid down to think in cold cemetery
I don’t know what it was, but maybe I was ruminating about how it felt to be with her and now I won’t
Such remorse is indeed a great humility for my own sense as I proclaim myself a superior fool
But a fool does has its flaws, a flaws like indisputable emotion like something; love
It does makes us decrepit in rather odd fluidity that cause a self shelving human like me disintegrate

How obvious would it be to see me in this fragile form like a peeled soul who’s been seen
Or does it surprise you, but I had been leaking my self defence in rather making you please
It’s not rare when I tell you, I greed you in many ways you can’t think or you won’t think
But it’s not such unusual when someone believes you enough to put you guardian of his home
It will be shocking..when the guardian burns his world and lacks responsibility
Ain’t it be unfair and prejudiced when it happens and happens quickly

I want to know where it occurs, the change in flimsy clumsy heart to behave in such reversal sign
You and me were like the winter and a hill but I forgot, something must left vacant just like my inside
But let heaven or hell decide or the other side, if we must meet and agree for our time
If these sorrow stretch further, let my morrow be a different from your ordained line..


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