VSCO Cam-1-2

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Memories, oh memories
Damn memories, keep floating against me
Pull me and push me, you can play with me

You approach me as you mean no harm
But you’ve been more than these fiction, you haunt me
Remembering is wistful, reminiscent should’ve been sweet

Pictures and people, it’s all words and skin
Where would you go, if the edge of the night shall leave
Forever is a lie, you must hide those trees

You should lay me in the abyss before you take me
Human shall invent another question to find answers again
It’s perplexing but I think I’m doing the same, it’s yet funny

Can I ever forgive the dusk that left with the moment and made memory
I’m tired of strangers, damn you strangers, its always new to me
Quit your phase, leave me to one place, either past or reclusive ahead; the present

I shall leave or stay but not your place
Every one carries their own days, let me not pass there
It all reeks with collection of certain time and I don’t want to be part of it.


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