Saturday, August 27, 2016

Muse, my muse you can go anywhere and leave me here
You can roam around those pretty streets and big cities and fill your heart with adventure and stories
Yes, those people, cars and building and those clean restaurant you visit…
You can have that pleasure, you can wander anywhere
You can still be the ghost in my venture, you can be the stranger in our meet..

And I, the curator if, will as always be the place you would shelter,
You can come and rest here as you’d always been seeking for peace, even if it’s been temporary
None were the price, no compromise neither any words to keep neither the foolish promise
I have given you the authority to wreck my heart and torn it to million piece
Some may spread into memories and some to fees
Well, it’s like I’ve been giving you that right to toy me whenever you please
As you’ve haunted me alive with your rambling skin

But I will not cling and linger upon you as we are the vagabond for our life
Go on and have your dreams in your pocket and let it loose
Get the world in your feet, you have always reached for shores
Conquer your every litttle fathom once you desired and weave it to the land
I will not abide you with my love as your love is free
I will not bind you with any commotion as your soul demands to seek liberty

Have on what you claim, spend my love on others, I don’t mind
If you may find another roof better than this and preferred not to return here
I maybe not wait for you here again as waitings are done for lovers and we were laterally different
I may not be existed at where you used to visit for as my roots will already be seeking another place on another time
But you my elusive lust will be here forever, colluding my lonely dreams.


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