Saturday, August 27, 2016

Life has a way to heal you
And living has it’s ruse to wound you
It’s with or without you

The sun may differ from yesterday
And the rain may carry on from today
It’s with or without you

So sold out, won’t you wonder
Everything to significant
She said, Is it all for the change?

And we pondered to various plain
To make it different nonsense
He said, if only one can always be the same

The contents or the subject we hold it inside
The contemporary secrets and the inner process
How shall one can define or defy

With the answers within your fabricated question
Each one can savour the satisfaction and take pride
But the stupidity and the acceptance will never side

How long does it gonna take to be born again
Wise men are dying and the rest are the smile
So long, it’s with and without you again


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