Saturday, August 27, 2016

It was the one thing that I was viciously careful not to be perfuse with
But here I’m indebted to my lovers without my authority, I didn’t knew
I must be a very shameful being to greed all your kindness and still in demand
Is it the proof that my life has made me the beggar for all you people generosity, how bilious!

I was the prideful in the prides of a man
How could such disaster stroke me and I’m unknown of it
Spare me oh lovers for the love, your love is squandering on behalf of me
Take your means and spend it somewhere else, it’s not that I don’t appreciate
But I’m aware, I don’t want to be counted

In the list, where your rumors spreads and leaks to my locked door instead
Cause I’m sure, there is always something to talk about the person who is in debt.
Perhaps, everybody likes to talk about their good deeds, relating to their past,
Doesn’t matter who’s the culprit in the end, I’m sure we’re not different.


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