Thursday, March 31, 2016

Oh what is this, so unclear but I can see the vastness in this field
Great green plain, autumn tress and the blue sky defying grey
“Where are you, I miss you,” it speaks with unsuspecting voice
I do not know, what it means and from where it declares
I want to ask but there lies things within my sight in many ways
I go restless, its only a bother to ask, I hinder
There is nothing that could answer me, why must I continue these quest,
I become one of them

I see the beauty that is enormous and yet I couldn’t define
It’s unfairly beautiful, that must be why these voids were remind
As it finds no one and nothing but only the emptiness inside
It beckoned the abyss and shared its part of happiness, I smiled
And then there were comfort in missing, luxury in desolation
Freedom in obscure absence and meaning meant nothing

I am lost and I was afraid, perhaps this is where we all end, in this loneliness
Is it eternal, if time values here something, if life means anything
Shouldn’t I complain, but it’s exceptionally peace, the breeze smells so sweet
Will someone ever find me here or am I in need to be found
What is this, Is this something called lucid dream, but it feels beyond reality
So do I want to return if returning is a subject here and has a weight

Is this how am I gonna feel after everything disappears or has already
Attachments were gone, and which people, even love feels forgotten
There is only me and there is only this uncertainty; an ambiguous state
I feel like being erased but I think i’m gonna stay,
In where sense and significance doesn’t plot but get destroyed


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