Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bring me to you, I feel dead
Let my burning skin drown in your arms
You’ve seen me only walking away
But it’s the distance that pulls me closer
To you, to you anyway

Fix me, I’m endangered by myself
You know, I need you but you don’t believe it anymore
Who will save me from my thoughts, it’s already started
I’m losing this sanity, don’t let me bury my home
Come to me, closer and breathe me from demise
Can’t turn this around, is it there the only end?

One more day, one more night
I can’t take it, its like desperately running in the dark woods alone
And sometimes, I do not hesitate to yearn you there once more
It’s those that left to lament my sadness is despairing than it seems
Like the frail fingertips, those neat colder lips of yours,
Making me mad and infuriated for not being in the distance of reaching
How have I earned this tragedy of “almost”.


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