Monday, October 4, 2016

Its the empty path in the distance that makes absent heart yearn someone now and then
Its the certain lonely realization in a secluded place, I hesitate once more to beckon her name,
I was longing for restricted resident, such confined endearment was affecting the very air
Either one of them would bring me straight to one of those days; her smile beneath my face, a rue again
Close my eyes, I feel the breeze; if it was the breathe touched from the lips, I once kissed
Smell the lovely daffodils, plucked it for myself; if I could once alas, grief her scent like from her skin laid in my bed
Wrote her address without direction, in stones from my footsteps and threw it in the sky holes, thinking I’ll never see it down just the same
Lost it; farewell was reminded, gravity found myself in terrible mess
Waved the signs of ache in the field collecting rain, ran myself with bare feet and bare hands
Its the cut-bruised misty sunset that leaves me go awry to the place so crowded
How am I to be forgotten from her reminding days, if love meant before strangers meant and befell


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