Tuesday, October 5, 2016

Aren’t we terrified? love isn’t what we think it is
Will you ever find, if you’ve never found yourself grieving under time
Nobody has the same heart, maybe the only shape of inside, as you do
You can break your self in different man as you swallow something odd something bitter like the realization after disagreement, I know it wasn’t supposed to
It happens so sudden dear, like the unwelcomed death and you can never say
dammit, if only I never did this to myself; a rusty and dusty pledge
Your laying down before age, and no tomorrow awaits for your arrival
As if the Sunken boat, paddling must not makes sense and your curiosity to stay alive just gave away

What if you think you’re right like what we always do, like doing things as automatic movement as human process
But isn’t it a born disease that to makes ourselves worthy of every argument that puts us inferior and in denial
Its obvious no one likes to be wrong and in faults but what if you people are so sucked in your own judgement and perception or ideas or your single thought
No matter how fucked up and how stupid you become, still keeping the dull-witted language for your ignorant must be your habit

But I’m tired of these running for the circles that has the same result
Love must be my only place or to anyone but a place can always be replaced,
An endeavor must rest if not your days, but others, certainly they await
The tragedy that keeps me to my knee, sometimes I forget and I learn to enjoy
every bit of this sensation that I keep under my pocket..
I must be remembered and appreciated if I have I did the same
How cruel of you to demand for demons to stay awake..


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