Monday, October 3, 2016

You said, you loved her when you were young
But you only confessed when she left
You said, It doesn’t hurt when love goes to another one
But I know, I saw you there going through the eighteenth break

I know you often sail by the rivers wondering, “where did she go”
And the bitter answers never leave, “people usually change”
Ask, if you should be here for them, “who still needs you”
You must be old waiting, if you would’ve only left

The letters never goes away and the words never fades
The happiness one’s promised should have been both for them,
“You were too cruel” was you ever wrote for her replace
I know, the boy must never learn or felt to whatever he embraced

The death never came sooner nor her days
But the reminder that was in circle for you to ‘miss’
Yes, you were missing from the both presence
The seasons you hated, and when the orchids died again


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