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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No one is greater or lesser than me. That is all I care and that is all I feel. I am here to do right thing but less and I should do greatly or exceptionally but quickly because I have no intention of seeking life beyond the dead trees. I have feared only age not emptiness; only love not hate. My weakness is for kind and innocence; not for cruelty and violence. I will not bow before any god or goddess by the likes of mere human whose belief changes with greed and temples. My vow rest with nature… as life is what it grows and life it gives, I worship every living – trees, mountains, rivers… from dust to wind. I despise society, trend and ignorant people, but I heartily welcomes your authenticity, respect, love, kindness & generosity. If you or are one of them; I greet to you with my pure intention as I am only a soul let born from the heavenly stars… I agree to walk with you for greater call!

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