Monday, October 3, 2016

In the field of eternal silence, I met my demon, he was sleeping
I asked him, where do you rest, or are you still running?
It’s time, I’m done with people, come and engulf me
You need to drown me where the madness swirls
And I need to become somebody within me

It’s the people, these people makes me sick
They are the disease that I suffer with
How long shall I tolerate, their disguise are autonomous
They’ve come to me becoming friends and lovers
They kill me, and they run promulgating the hoax of my sins

Let me be the devil that ruins the heart of all
Mostly of the lover who creeps inside my soul
I want to bring the disaster that invites the chaos
Ripped it asunder and throw before the world
And scream, “This is me, this will be where I belong.”


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